The meeting of ministers of Visegard Group (V4)

The main aim of the Visegard Four meetings is cooperation,
strengthening defence, developing of common initiatives, policy
and vision, what is one of the most important issue in the
world recently. This meeting ends the Polish Presidency and
initiates the Hungarian Presidency
– said Minister of
National Defence Antoni Macierewicz on Thursday, after the
meeting with ministers of V4.

A meeting chaired of Minister of National Defence Antoni
Macierewicz, gathered:  Minister of Defence of the Slovak
Republic Peter Gajdoš, Deputy Minister for Defense Policy Jakub
Landovský and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defence
Tamás Vargha.

During the press conference, all the ministers expressed thanks
to the head of Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz
for taking effective actions during the Polish Presidency to
enhancing the Visegrad Group, thereby strengthening security in
the region.

– Today’s meeting of the V4 defense ministers ends the
Polish Presidency, which had been lasting for the last six
months and initiates the Hungarian Presidency, which will take
over and continue our work.
The meeting focused on
summing up our efforts to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank. I
can say with the great joy and satisfaction that all the
Visegrad countries participate in extremely important 
path in strengthening the eastern flank.
We are all
present in the Baltic States and we all support the initiative
to strengthen this defense, which has been still implementing
by US forces in Poland and other NATO countries (…) A the
same time Visegrad Group countries are continuing their effort
to strengthen a common European defense initiative (…) Our
shared attitude is to strength the participation of European
defense initiative and ensure that each of our countries will
pay at least 2% of GDP. We
lot of time to analyze the most important initiative undertaken
by the Visegrad Group countries alongside the strengthening of
NATO’s eastern flank, the Visegrad Battle Group, which
successfully began its operation in 2016. It is going to
prepare the Visegrad Battle Group to be on duty in 2019. It
will be organized jointly but not only by the Visegrad Group
countries. What I would like to say with great satisfaction,
also with – we hope – the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which we
would like to invite to this joint venture – spoke at the press
conference Minister of National Defence Antoni

Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defence Tamás Vargha also
stressed in his speech that the Visegrad Group is a solid brand
that represents a strong and durable alliance.

The Chef of the Slovak Ministry Peter Gajdoš pointed that one
of the issue discussed during Thursday’s meeting was the matter
related to cooperation with the European Union in, for example,
the defence industry.

Deputy of Minister of Defence Jakub Landovský noted that the
presence of all Visegrad Group countries in NATO’s activities
increases the collective defense.

He mentioned that Czech Republic is included in creating the
Divisional Command in Elblag, also yesterday the Czech
Parliament agreed that from 2018 the Czech army would be
present in the Battle Group in Latvia. Referring to the
cooperation between the EU – NATO he stressed that it has to be
complementary and not competitive one.



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