Defense ministers of Poland and Croatia met in Cracow

Poland and Croatia have many historical ties and a long
mutual history of cooperation, also we face a lot of work
towards to reinforcing NATO and our defences against any
We stand together and we
shall undertake efforts to strengthen peace in Europe

said Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz during a
meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Defense of
Croatia, Damir Krstičević.

On Wednesday, 27th December Minister of National
Defense Antoni Macierewicz met with his Croatian counterpart
Damir Krstičević in Kraków.

The talks centered on boosting ties between the two countries
as part of NATO as well as the Three Seas Initiative, which
brings together 12 countries located between the Baltic,
Adriatic and Black Seas – Croatia participates in a
battalion battle group stationed in Poland, we are very proud
and very grateful for the presence of Croatian troops, which
came from afar to us to defend NATO’s Eastern Flank
– said
the Head of Polish MOD.

Some of the key areas of bilateral collaboration include future
cooperation between Polish arms producer “Łucznik” and a
Croatian gun manufacturer, as well as the participation of a
Croatian contingent in NATO’s Anaconda exercises in 2018 in
Poland. – We talked about sending a joint invitation to
other ministers of defense of our region to organize the
international conference to evaluate the situation in this
region of Europe. We also talked about our joint activities and
how we could execute them in the future, especially in the
defense industry.
We have raised issues regarding the
cooperation of Polish factories that
produce rifles and
Croatian gun manufacturer and we belief that such
cooperation will be started probably in January 2018.

We will have the honor to cooperate with the Croatian
Army while the Polish Command of the VJTF in 2020, as well as
during the upcoming Anaconda 2018 exercises
. However,
I would like to thank you very much for the participation of
Croatian troops in both of these undertakings and thank you for
your cooperation in the political initiatives.

Minister Macierewicz announced that a defence agreement would
be signed between the two countries in the first few months of
2018 – There is no doubt that our alliance will be well
strengthened by a defense agreement, which will be signed in
the first quarter of 2018. […]. Our cooperation will also be
implemented under PESCO initiative, as part of permanent
structural and defense cooperation of the European Union – we
will probably focus on the initiative to strengthen small and
medium enterprises of the defense industry. This is the
initiative that Minister Damir Krstičević, went out, and Poland
supports it
– stressed Minister Macierewicz.

Minister of Defense of Croatia, Damir Krstičević, referred to
Polish-Croatian cooperation and issue of joint initiative in
the field of defense – First of all, I want to thank my
friend from Poland Minister of National Defense Antoni
Macierewicz, for the warm welcome. In this year it is our
second meeting and it is a good symbol of our friendship and
cooperation. Once again, I want to say that Poland is our
friend. As already Minister Macierewicz mentioned Polish –
Croatian agreement is in the last phase and it will be signed
in the first quarter of 2018. I am glad that Croatian troops
can be part of a battalion battle group in connection with the
invitation of Poland. This is the opportunity to strengthen the
interoperability of our Armed Forces, learn certain procedures,
but also to increase the capabilities of the North Atlantic
Alliance. I would like to thank Minister Macierewicz for the
hospitality shown to our troops. I really hope that if Croatia
tomorrow need such kind of support, Poland will help us and is
our real  friend.

At the end of the meeting the Head of Polish MOD emphasized – I
want to thank you Mr. Prime Minister. I have no doubt that the
great spirit that characterizes the Croatian nation caused that
Croatian Forces are part of the Polish battle battalion group
and I want to thank you for that. We will also send troops to
participate in the military exercises in Croatia in October.
The cooperation of Poland and Croatia will be a role model of
cooperation and the countries of Black, Adriatic and Baltic Sea
and also countries of the Three Seas Initiative will cooperate
very well together. Once again thank you very much for today’s


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