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Nordic Combat Uniform Lessons Learned meeting

The Nordic Combat Uniform (NCU) project met with NORDEFCO Cooperation Area Armaments (COPA ARMA) in Oslo 11 January. The meeting was the start of the process of utilizing the...

COPA ARMA Coordination Conference (CACC) 2018

COPA ARMA Coordination Conference (CACC) takes place in conjunction with the Nordic Defence Industry Seminar (NDIS) on 22-24 May 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden. Læs resten her

Nordic Combat Uniform Lessons Learned

To ensure knowledge and information being utilized by upcoming Cooperation Area Armaments (COPA ARMA) working groups and NORDEFCO projects, COPA ARMA will coordinate and set up a...

Finland Hosts Nordic Baltic Cooperation Meeting

The Finnish Defence Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Strategy, Lieutenant General Kim Jäämeri, will host the defence cooperation meeting of the Nordic and Baltic countries...

Nordic Defence Industry Seminar 2018

The Nordic Defence Industry Seminar (NDIS) 2018 will be held at Djurönäset Conference and Hotel, 40 minutes from downtown Stockholm, May 22-24 2018. More...


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